DIrecting Filmography:

What I Haven't Known About Her, 2018

No One is an Island, 2017

Paean Series, 2017~

When I Met Ash, 2016



Yueying Feng, born in China, is a filmmaker and writer based in New York City and Shenzhen, China. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film from College of Visual and Performing Arts in Syracuse University, NY. She has a Bachelor of the Arts in Film Studies that was received in 2015, from Bejing Film Academy, China. Her films have been screened and exhibited in Bucharest International Experimental Festival, Art Helix, SU Art Gallery and Spark Contemporary Art Space. Her screenplay was nominated as ‘The Best Feature Film Screenplay’ in the 10th Golden Words Award of Beijing Film Academy. Her film review has been published on YingBo Impact, the magazine of China National Film Museum (CNFM). She served as a first-round selection jury for the 20th Beijing College Student Film Festival. She also has volunteered for 3 consecutive years in International Students Film Festivals as writer, reporter and translator from 2012 to 2014.